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Let the German machine handle your vacation

Posted on 20 June 2018 by admin (0)

And now we come to one of the most interesting countries on the planet. Germany is a place where you really should hang out. Having been heavily involved in both World Wars, Germany is deeply steeped in history, and you’ll surely learn more about how international politics ended up in conflict on more than one occasion. Now combine this with a very adept aptitude for engineering from time immemorial, and you have wonderful sights, both in buildings and technology to blow your mind and keep you enthralled for the entirety of your visit.

Let’s kick this off with some of Germany’s manmade attractions before proceeding to discuss the natural sites and sights:


Autobahns: The Autobahns are federal highways that are at least two lanes wide in each direction, and some of them have no Maximum speed limits. You will surely have fun flooring your accelerator on these high speed highways.

Car Manufacturing Plants: If you’ve ever wondered who the wizards are that produced the piece of magic under the hood of your Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, and other high performance cars, then your trip to Germany is your chance to find out. Some of the world’s best cars are produced in Germany, this is another reason for you to spend your vacation here as you can see their manufacturing plants even if only from a distance

Port of Hamburg: A completely different planet within planet earth, the Port of Hamburg will leave you wondering if this was actually built by humans like us. At the Port of Hamburg, you’ll get to witness a once in a lifestyle scenery; the Miniatur Wunderland which is a model railway system that is recognized as the biggest in the World. There are over 12,000 metres of railway tracks and more than 890 trains. There are also model airports, rural scenery, and a lot more. You could get lost here both physically and in mental awe.


Now to the Natural wonders of Germany

The Black Forest: This is not as scary as it sounds. The black forest isn’t made up of black trees and black colored snakes; rather, it is so called because there are so many trees and the wood is so dense that light gets block from coming in. You don’t want to miss hiking through this serene natural empire for any reason.

The Rhine Valley: This valley slopes into one of the most important rivers that can be found in Europe; a waterway that snakes through three countries, starting from Switzerland, routing through Germany and reaching the Netherlands. The Rhine Valley offers you a picturesque view of the river surrounded by some 40 nice castles and surrounding quaint towns that have been there for years immemorial.

Berlin’s Museum Island: If you’re ready to take the history tour, then the Museum Island is your next point of call where you’ll get to see a collection of more than 5 museums all among the oldest all over Germany.


There’s too much to see in Germany than we could possibly cover here, the best thing you can do is hop on the next available flight.