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5 Important Things to Pack While Travelling

Posted on 06 September 2018 by admin (0)

Congratulations! You are finally going to that dream destination of yours after years of dreaming, planning and saving and I bet you can’t contain your excitement. However, while you might be preoccupied with preparations, and farewells, and spending time with people during the days building up to the D-day, have you given thought to how you are going to pack your luggage?

If you think packing would be merely putting some wears here, putting your gadgets there, and that’s all, you are terribly mistaken. Packing is an art that need to be carried out carefully if you wish to be successful. How many times have you gotten to your travel destination only to find out that you forgot something so basic you should have originally remembered? Yeah, me too.

To avoid mistakes like these that would leave you with regrets during your vacation, ensure to pack these 5 basic things from home prior to travelling.

  1. Enough Underwear: In my opinion, underwear is grossly underrated. As a person traveling to an unknown destination, you should do so with lots of underwear so as to prevent embarrassment. You might be so engrossed in the sightseeing and friend making you find it hard to do laundry for days at a stretch. With lots of underwear in your backpack, this will not be a problem for you.
  2. Water Bottle: While you might want to go get this at your destination perhaps to lighten the weight of your backpack, it would be a lot better if you took your water bottle along with you from home. The water bottle would serve you during the journey to your destination and when you eventually arrive your destination. You wouldn’t want to arrive the mountains without a water bottle now would you?
  3. Socks: Do not forget to also pack enough socks! Asides from keeping your legs warm during a cold and snowy weather, they also protect your feet to an extent from bruises and insects bites. You never know which you are going to meet at your destination and to what extent so just endeavour to pack enough socks along.
  4. Phone Chargers: These days, we are so attached to our phones and chargers it is almost impossible to forget them. However, in the rush of packing and the habit of packing our phone chargers last for easy accessibility, you just might skip that cord and adapter buried under a rubble of clothes. To avoid this, try putting your chargers around your neck or somewhere it would be so noticeable a bat couldn’t miss it in broad daylight.
  5. Deodorant: Very important! Smelling nice shouldn’t be reserved for occasions alone, you should smell good all the time. Endeavour to pack your deodorant along with you to your new destination as people who smell nice are more attractive.

There you have it! To prevent being left with a red face the next time you intend to travel, endeavour to check that you have successfully packed all the items on this list before proceeding to pack other items such as your camera, wallet, etc.